Taking care of your jewelry

Each Kaldera Atelier jewel is handcrafted with great care. Thus, all jewellery is unique.

If you are not satisfied with the product you have purchased, do not hesitate to contact us

All Kaldera Atelier jewellery is made of 925/1000 silver and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Please note that silver jewellery tends to oxidize and will eventually lose its shine over time.

We have created these jewels so that they are alive and that oxidation is an integral part of their charm and unique design.

However, the evolution of your Kaldera Jewellery will depend on how it is stored, how often you wear it, your skin type and its pH.

Here are some tips to maintain and enjoy your Kaldera jewellery to the fullest:

- Store your jewellery individually to prevent it from scratching each other.

- Remove them before applying make-up, perfumes or skin and hair products.

- Avoid contact with water and chemicals.

- Clean your jewellery from time to time by wiping gently, preferably with the cloth we have provided.

To restore shine to your silver jewellery you can also use specific products to deoxidize and shine the silver.

It is also possible to polish your jewellery to restore its original shine.