More than a symbol, volcanoes are our inspiration.


Strong, brutal, radiant, connecting heaven and earth, it is the most powerful element in our eyes.

This is why our jewelry made from fully recycled 925 silver is often incorporating lava stone.

Perfect "anti-gemstone", the lava stone is unusual, transgressive, matte, porous, and has no reflection or transparency: it’s a symbol of daring, power and magic.

“Raw and minimalist”: this is Kaldera.


Our process is like our materials, natural and simple: we begin with sketches, followed by the first volume analyze, then we refine our vision of the jewel, and lastly develop the technical drawings. Our aim is to bring real consistency to each of our designs, with high quality materials and a unique look.

"We want to offer a new angle of approach to jewelry, with the forces of nature as a source of inspiration at its center, and through an identity and a very distinctive." Morgan Sizlak


David and Morgan have lived in Asia for several years, and met in Jakarta during fashion week. By sharing common visions, they became friends. While working together on artistic, design and photographic creation projects, a real common passion was forged, on all the projects that really made them vibrate: the ethical ones.

By detaching themselves more and more from the “corporate world”, and by spending more time exploring their personal projects, they had during a morning climb of Mount Agung, an idea that came to their minds while contemplating this mystical, chaotic, raw but also minimal landscape.

Sitting there on the “K” aldera. Kaldera was born.

Minimalist and responsible jewelry !

The workshop

Our pieces are made in the foundry and workshop that we share with Kadek, a traditional Balinese silversmith.

This decision to work with this house comes from our desire to respect its knowledge of the methods of making and processing silver, which has remained unchanged for several generations.

Our goal? To also apply them to our "minimalist ethnic" creations, using of course recycled silver and thus remain in line with our ethics.