Our Story

Our Story: The Birth of Kaldera

The Genesis

Kaldera was born from the meeting of two French designers, David Haefflinger and Morgan Olivier, in Indonesia. Their paths crossed at the Jakarta Fashion Week in 2016, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey.

Collaborating on design and photography projects, they developed a shared passion for ethical craftsmanship. This led them to step away from the corporate world and fully dedicate themselves to their personal vision.

The Revelation

It was during a nocturnal ascent of Mount Agung that inspiration struck: the vision to create a jewelry brand that embodies and is inspired by the elements surrounding us - fire, earth, sea, mystique, chaos, and raw beauty.

The Realization

Each piece of Kaldera jewelry is meticulously crafted from carefully recycled solid silver, sourced from discarded electronic devices.

Most of these pieces are adorned with locally sourced lava stones. Unique, poetic, transgressive, matte, porous, without reflection or transparency, lava stone stands as the perfect 'anti-gemstone'. It carries strong symbols of raw power, intensity, and magic. Kaldera's collection, encompassing designs for women, men, and unisex, is brought to life in the foundry of Bli Kadek, a traditional Balinese silversmith.

Kaldera harmonizes the ancestral knowledge of Balinese silver crafting and treatment methods with a modern, minimalist French design language.

David Haefflinger & Morgan Olivier