Kaleis is handmade, in silver and mounted with tailored lava from the Agung volcano in Bali. The whole process of fabrication is done in conformity with the traditional balinese know-how.

Each of our jewels is unique, raw and minimal. We like to provide timeless and robust pieces that you’ll wear all your life.

Kaleis is a part of our second collection «VEXATIO», for which we use exclusively lava stone since our designs are inspired by the volcanoes.

It is an element that comes from the entrails of the Earth and has meaning for us. Its porous basalt texture is agreable and its dark color matches perfectly with silver.

We decided to name that ring Kaleis, its mysterious and intriguing geometry reminding us of the question mark, ultimate symbol of an enigma. And this ring is a wink at our necklace Enigma from our first collection.

Kaleis is available in 3 sizes.

Buy ethical : this jewel is made from recycled silver